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Theatre & Accommodation Fees

Your Artarmon Day Surgery fees cover the use of the surgery facilities, including the operating theatre, day stay hospital accommodation and care. It also includes commonly used drugs and dressings. There may be an additional charge for prostheses and disposables.

Your doctor or specialist will have already given you a detailed consent form for the operation, outlining the surgeon’s costs for the procedure. Unless instructed differently they should be paid directly to your surgeon. You may receive separate accounts from your Anaesthetist and Pathologist.

  • All payments, including any out of pocket or excess payments, must be made prior to the time of admission.
  • If patients are medically cleared to go home postoperatively, additional hospital charges will apply if they continue to use the facility due to their own choice.

Payment method

We accept payment by:

  • Credit Card
  • We do not accept personal cheques